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Reviews von Marc Langels

(Buchstabe: C)

Alice Cooper Detroit Stories CD-Review
Alice Cooper Raise The Dead Live From Wacken CD & DVD-Review
C.T.P. - Christian Tolle Project The Higher They Climb CD-Review
C.T.P. - Christian Tolle Project Now & Then CD-Review
C.T.P. - Christian Tolle Project Point Blank CD-Review
Caesar's Rome The Company We Keep CD-Review
Cage Ancient Evil CD-Review
Cage The Gods Badlands CD-Review
Cain Cain CD-Review
Cain's Offering Gather The Faithful CD-Review
Cain's Offering Stormcrow CD-Review
California Breed California Breed CD-Review
Caligula's Horse Moments From Ephemeral City CD-Review
Caligula's Horse Charcoal Grace CD-Review
Candlebox Disappearing In Airports CD-Review
Canvas Solaris Irradiance CD-Review
Carptree Nymf CD-Review
Carson The Wilful Pursuit Of Ignorance CD-Review
Carthagods Carthagods CD-Review
Cathedral In Memoriam 2015 CD-Review
Cats In Space Atlantis CD-Review
Cats In Space Diamonds – The Best Of CD-Review
Cauldron Chained To The Nite CD-Review
Cauldron New Gods CD-Review
Cea Serin The Vibrant Sound Of Bliss And Decay CD-Review
Ceild A View CD-Review
Cellar Stone Rise & Fall CD-Review
Celtic Frost Morbid Tales (Deluxe Edition) - To Mega Therion (Deluxe Edition) - Into The Pandemonium (Deluxe Edition) - Vanity/Nemesis (Deluxe Edition) CD-Review
Century The Conquest Of Time CD-Review
Chainsaw Permanent Menace CD-Review
Chalice Overyears Sensation CD-Review
Champlin Williams Friestedt CWF 2 CD-Review
Chaos Magic Furyborn CD-Review
Chaos Theory Whispers Of Doom CD-Review
Chaosbay Asylum CD-Review
Charing Cross Pain And Gain CD-Review
Chemia Let Me CD-Review
Cherries On A Blacklist Glorious Days CD-Review
Chicago Now: Chicago XXXVI CD-Review
Chick Corea The Montreux Years CD-Review
Chick Corea Elektric Band Live At Montreux 2004 DVD-Review
Chickpeace To The Point CD-Review
Chickpeace Tide & Pride CD-Review
Children Of Bodom Relentless, Reckless, Forever CD-Review
Children Of Bodom Holiday At Lake Bodom CD-Review
Chimaira Crown Of Phantoms CD-Review
Chris Cornell Euphoria Mourning CD-Review
Chris Cornell Higher Truth CD-Review
Church Of Misery And Then There Were None CD-Review
Cinderella Live At The Mohegan Sun CD-Review
Circa: Live From Here There & Everywhere CD-Review
Circle II Circle Consequence Of Power CD-Review
Circle II Circle Reign Of Darkness CD-Review
Circle Of Illusion Jeremias - Foreshadow Of Forgotten Realms CD-Review
Circus Maximus Nine CD-Review
City Of Thieves Beast Reality CD-Review
Clark Colborn Again CD-Review
Climax Blues Band Live At Rockpalast CD & DVD-Review
Climax Blues Band Live Rare & Raw 1973 - 1979 CD-Review
Climax Blues Band Live At The BBC CD & DVD-Review
Cloverseeds The Opening CD-Review
Clutch Book Of Bad Decisions CD-Review
Clutch Fotostrecke - CLUTCH - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof, 02.12.2019 Fotostrecke
Clutch Konzertbericht - CLUTCH, GRAVEYARD, KAMCHATKA - Wiesbaden, Schlachthof, 02.12.2019 Konzertbericht
Clutch Weathermaker Vault Series Volume 1 CD-Review
Clutch Sunrise On Slaughter Beach CD-Review
Coal & Crayon World Asleep CD-Review
Coheed And Cambria Year Of The Black Rainbow CD-Review
Coheed And Cambria The Unheavenly Creatures – Vaxis Act I CD-Review
Cold Truth Do Watcha Do CD-Review
Cold Years Paradise CD-Review
Cold Years Goodbye To Misery CD-Review
Colosseum The Reunion Concerts 1994 CD & DVD-Review
Communic The Bottom Deep CD-Review
Conception State Of Deception CD-Review
Constancia Lost And Gone CD-Review
Continental Home On The Range CD-Review
Contracrash Goddamn Planet CD-Review
Convulse Cycle Of Revenge CD-Review
Cooper Inc. Pulling The Trigger CD-Review
Coroner Mental Vortex - Grin CD-Review
Corroded Bitter CD-Review
Corroded Plague CD-Review
Count Raven The Sixth Storm CD-Review
Course Of Fate Mindweaver CD-Review
Cowboy Prostitutes Let Me Have Your Heart CD-Review
Cradle Of Filth Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa CD-Review
Cradle Of Filth Evermore Darkly CD & DVD-Review
Crash The System The Crowning CD-Review
Crashdiet Automaton CD-Review
Crazy Lixx New Religion CD-Review
Crazy Lixx Riot Avenue CD-Review
Creation's End A New Beginning CD-Review
Credo Against Reason CD-Review
Creeping Death Wretched Illusions CD-Review
Crimson Fire Another Dimension CD-Review
Crippled Black Phoenix (Mankind) The Crafty Ape CD-Review
Crises Coral Dreams CD-Review
Crobot Motherbrain CD-Review
Crobot Rat Child [EP] CD-Review
Crobot Feel This CD-Review
Crowbar The Serpent Only Lies CD-Review
Crowbar Zero And Below CD-Review
Croword The Great Beyond CD-Review
Crucified Barbara The Midnight Chase CD-Review
Cry Of Dawn Cry Of Dawn CD-Review
Crystal Ball Crystall Ball Fotostrecke
Crystal Palace Dawn Of Eternity CD-Review
Crystallion Hundred Days CD-Review
Cunning Mantrap Hazmat CD-Review
Cyclophonia Impact Is Imminent CD-Review
Cynthesis DeEvolution CD-Review
Paul Cusick P'Dice CD-Review
Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons (EP) CD-Review
Phil Collins Face Value (Deluxe Edition) - Both Sides (Deluxe Edition) CD-Review
Phil Collins Hello... I Must Be Going (Deluxe Edition) - Dance Into The Light (Deluxe Edition) CD-Review
Phil Collins No Jacket Required (Deluxe Edition) - Testify (Deluxe Edition) CD-Review
Phil Collins ...But Seriously (Deluxe Edition) - Going Back (Deluxe Edition) CD-Review
Roger Chapman Live At Rockpalast Hamburg Markthalle 1979 & Live At Rockpalast Essen Grugahalle 1981 CD & DVD-Review
The Carburetors Rock'n'Roll Forever CD-Review
The Clash The Rise And Fall Of The Clash DVD-Review
The Crystal Caravan Against The Rising Tide CD-Review


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