Beverly Jo Scott

Cut & Run

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Reviewdatum: 01.01.2000
Jahr: 2005


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Beverly Jo Scott
Cut & Run, Dixie Frog Records, 2005
Beverly Jo Scott Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Paul van Bruystegem Guitars, Bass
Bruno de Neuter Bass
Marcus Weymaere Drums, Backing Vocals
Gaelle Mievis Backing Vocals, Percussion
Produziert von : Michel Gudanski Länge: 135 Min 48 Sek Medium: CD
CD 1
1. O´Desire7. Coquelicots
2. Light That Torch8. Charades
3. Le Sud9. Little Girls
4. Tennessee Tears10. Lying Still
5. Chain Link Fence 11. Pocket Change
6. Rip The Sack12. Make It Rough

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