Mike And The Mechanics

Live At Shepherds Bush London

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Reviewdatum: 01.01.2000
Jahr: 2005


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Frank Ipach

Mike & The Mechanics
Live At Shepherds Bush London, Eagle Vision, 2005
Mike Rutherford Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Paul Carrack Vocals, Guitar
Rupert Cobb Keyboards
Peter van Hooke Percussion, Drums
Gary Wallis Drums, Percussion
Abbie Osmon, Paul McGee Background Vocals
Jamie Moses Guitar, Vocals
Regie: Perry Joseph Länge: ca. 127 Min Medium: DVD
1. Falling 8. Whenever I Stop
2. Now That You've Gone9. All The Light I Need
3. Get Up10. One Left Standing
4. If I Were You11. Silent Running
5. Another Cup Of Coffee 12. The Living Years
6. Beggar On The Beach Of Gold 13. Over My Shoulder
7. Perfect Child14. Word Of Mouth

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