Bill Deasy

Chasing Down A Spark


Reviewdatum: 01.01.2000
Jahr: 2005


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Bill Deasy
Chasing Down A Spark, Bound To Be Records, 2005
Bill Deasy Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Scott Tamulinas Bass
Rob James Guitars, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
Kevin Salem Guitars
Dave Throckmorton Drums, Percussion
Rob Arthur Keyboards, Accordion
Produziert von : Kevin Salem Länge: 52 Min 54 Sek Medium: CD
1. Until I Get It Right 7. Pass Me On
2. Something So Hard8. Fireflies
3. Levi9. Now That I Know What It Means
4. Sweet Forgiveness 10. Pale
5. Naked 11. And I Wait
6. Wishing Well 12. Turn Your Light On

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