Fairport Convention

A Lasting Spirit

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Reviewdatum: 01.01.2000
Jahr: 2005


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Frank Ipach

Fairport Convention
A Lasting Spirit - The Collection, Sanctuary Midline, 2005
Mitwirkende (Auszug):
Simon Nicol Vocals, Guitars
Dave Pegg Bass, Mandolin, Backing Vocals
Ric Sanders Violin
Chris Leslie Lead Vocals, Fiddle, Bouzouki
Gerry Conway Drums, Percussion
Richard Thompson Electric Guitar
Sandy Denny Lead Vocals
Länge: ca. 225 Min Medium: 3 CD-Box
CD 1:
1. Some Sweet Day10. Wings
2. You're Gonna Need My Help11. Suzanne
3. Both Sides Now12. Jack O'Diamonds
4. You Never Wanted Me13. Time Will Show The Wiser
5. Dear Landlord14. Mr. Lacey
6. Night In The City15. Genesis Hall
7. Marcie16. Reynardine
8. Fotheringay17. Million Dollar Bash
9. Sir Patrick Spens18. Matty Groves
CD 2:
1. Set Me Up8. How Many Times
2. Reels (Medley)9. Red And Gold
3. Sock It In10. Wat Tyler
4. All Your Beauty11. The Wishfulness Waltz
5. London River12. Claudy Banks
6. Honour And Praise13. Medley (u.a. The Cropredy Badger)
7. Rhythm Of The Time14. Summer Before The War

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