Stoll Vaughan

Love Like A Mule

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Reviewdatum: 01.01.2000
Jahr: 2006


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Love Like A Mule, Shadowdog Records, 2006
Stoll Vaughan Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Carl Broemel Electric Guitars, Lap Steel
Jake Smith Bass
Devon Ashley, Dane Clark Drums
Bo Koster, Mo Z Wurlitzer Piano, Hammond B-3
Andy York Guitars
Produziert von: Mike Wanchic Länge: 40 Min 54 Sek Medium: CD
1. Alright7. Fade Away
2. No Stopping8. Lonesome
3. Savior9. Seen Moments
4. Man That Cares10. Love Like A Mule
5. Complain11. Head Above The Wheel

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